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November- December

My mother's love was something difficult to explain,

a heart filled with deep devotion,

even as she lived a life often filled with sacrifice and pain.

Her gentle ways and enduring faith will endearingly remain,

my angel overlooking as I embark upon the ocean,

where I can be at peace and reflect until we meet again.

My mother left us on November 6th. That God chose a fine, warm day in Autumn, which happened to also be my birthday, was probably the best gift I could have asked for. She was proud of me but I pale in comparison of her noble and righteous ways. Her love was unconditional. I will miss her deeply.

I would like to thank all of my family and friends who were there for me in the past couple of months, especially those who knew my best bereavement therapy was time spent on the water.

October 14-18

I've been trying out different boats in the San Diego long range fleet and my friend Sandy mentioned trying out the Spirit of Adventure for a 5 day. I found a spot open on an Avet Reels sponsored trip she was booked on and added my name to the roster.

On the morning of our departure I arrived early to watch the previous trip unload. My friend, Alan, had just been out with this vessel on an 8 day trip where they had stacked wahoo like cordwood. He wound up taking first place with a 48 pound hoo!

I knew it was highly unlikely that we'd "turn and burn" to go back to that hotspot but I was hoping we'd get to go into Mexican waters. Unfortunately the weather had different plans and Captain Mike Keating made the right call to head North.

Once again I found myself off the island of San Clemente where the bluefin tuna were still hanging out. It was a tough bite for most of the trip, and the bonito were out in full force, however we did manage to come back with about a one per rod average on bluefin and 8 nice yellowtail. I did win one of the Avet reels, a Raptor, that charter master Ben had brought to raffle off and I fully enjoyed a lot of catch and release fishing with it.

Sandy outfished me this time scoring a bluefin on the final day (we came in early due to bad weather) and we had a ten year old out with his father who did remarkably well. Sometimes it not about the catching. I still enjoyed meeting new people and checking out a fine boat and wonderful crew. I'm going to try the Spirit of Adventure again on a 10 day next year. Perhaps I will consider a Cherokee Indian smudging between now and then to restore my SoCal fishing ju ju.

Thank you Dennis for the fish! I love fishing with folks who can fish but don't like to eat them. I shared the wealth of this good natured gesture with my friend, Larry, on my way home.

September 29

I was at the boat (Tea Sea) at 6:30 am and tidied up a bit. Capt. Tom, Fred and Tuillio rolled down to Pillar Point Harbor about 8:00. We hit the fuel dock first since we considered heading down to catch rockfish if the salmon weren't biting... But they were.

We picked up the tail end of the morning bite right out front. Straight bait. Two of us on the downriggers 35'-45' and the other two on rods with salmon releases and 2.5# balls.

Fred got the first one; a hen. I got the second; a buck the same size. Lots of stripped baits but nothing else stuck. Wind started coming up and we packed it in around 2:00. South green can had most of the action. We did see a 22 pounder taken near us on a buddy's boat... by his girlfriend.

September 27

Today we started off in clear weather but Mother Nature flipped on the A/C and the fog moved in. On this day we fished outside the protected zone and to the north of it. It was not as wide open as yesterday but we still got some great data for the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program!

For more information and pictures go to these links:



September 26

I volunteered again with the folks from the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program. Every volunteer angler uses barbless gear supplied by CCFRP and all fish are measured, some are tagged and then they are released using proper decending tactics.

We fished the protected zone off Ano Nuevo. I had 40 fish including 2 very nice vermilions and 6 lingcod (3 taped out at over 30 inches). One guy got a halibut and only one cabezon was caught. The bite was pretty much wide open and it was shorts and tee shirt weather on a flat ocean!

September 18

Now that the sun is shifting in the sky Dean let me sleep in until 4 am today! We launched his Airslot from the Pier 52 boat launch in San Francisco around 6 am and picked up Virginia at Ft. Baker.

As the sun rose behind us we had a nice moon peeking through the Golden Gate bridge as we headed out. The sun had our back until we hit a wall of dense fog off Stinson Beach, but it was in the zone we were looking for and large schools of bait were everywhere.

As it was her first time out with Dean and I, Virginia was up first and shortly after we dropped the gear in Dean's rod went off.

Dean grabbed the net and I took the wheel as her salmon made several great runs before landing in the net and getting a nice wood shampoo to knock it out for photos.

My rod had several drive-by's but nothing stuck. Before long Dean's rod starts pumping again. This time I netted while Virginia steered. The fish was pretty green at the net and it was a close call but we won!

With the action slowing among the fleet we ran up to the Towers where Dean's rod went off for the third time. Another sleek, fat and sassy King salmon goes in the kill bag.

We finished off the day after a few more hours of trolling without success before packing it in. All three fish were between 13-15 pounds and it was a beautiful day on the water.

September 14

I rotated back onto Dean's boat today to take advantage of the hot salmon bite still going off out of San Francisco.

I was up at 4:15 am and at Dean's by 5:00. We launched from the city about 6 am and ran to upper Duxbury over a beautiful ocean. I used the same combination off my rod (See Sept. 10th) with the exception of the bait. There are a few choices when it comes to rigging an anchovy or herring. Cable baiters and easy baiter blades require a little more finesse than using a FBR. Dean happens to make his own wire-wrapped hooks that are similar to a cable baiter. So I borrowed one of his. Game on!

Dean drew first blood with a smokin' 19 pound fish. I popped up a 16 pounder after that and rewarded my efforts with a cold can of Grunion Pale Ale from Ballast Point Brewing.

Rinse and repeat and before the afternoon got long we had our limit of 2 salmon each.

Outside the entrance to the golden gate bridge we stopped to whack some Bolina rockfish for the icing on the cake.

September 10

Team Hawaiian Hooker consisted of Capt. Mike, Byron, Armando and me. We launched out of Berkeley after I figured out I was not supposed to be at the Richmond Marina. Thankfully they're not far apart.

Just past the Golden Gate Bridge we saw a lot of birds wreaking havoc on a pile of bait but Mike was determined to get us to the spot he'd been on the day before. With the sea so calm we fairly flew up North and dropped in on the North side of most of the Saturday morning fleet.

I rigged up with a Les Davis Deep Six planer with a salmon bungee behind it. To that I attached my leader; a UV FBR tied with about 3 1/2 feet of 35# Blackwater fluorocarbon. It wasn't long before I whipped in an eight pound Chinook salmon and got the skunk off the boat.

Byron got the next one which put up a great fight and weighed in at 18 pounds. I netted her and we both had to hoist the fish over a downrigger lol!

We hit a lull after that but we had fun talking tactics and whale watching. My camera battery died after I took a few pics of some pelicans so I did not get to catch a whale today.

Armando put fish number three in the boat and then Mike got pestered by some schoolie black rockfish. We went back to trolling around and listening to some awesome classic rock music. I had switched up my presentation to an Apex Police Car and I'd had a couple of strikes but they made a quick getaway. Not to be discouraged I went back to a standard anchovy rigged on a wire-tied hook. Since I didn't have any tiny rubber bands Armando let be use some Magic Thread to tie the mouth shut against the hook. Worked like a charm and the bait looked good enough to eat!

Bam! I had a big takedown and the fish started taking line. About halfway to the boat we noticed the fish was across Mike's line which also had a diver on it. Armando skillfully kept Mike's line loose so I could get the fish in. Team work! The reward was a fat 20 pound salmon!

We tried for more for the rest of the day but we didn't get anymore into the net... Close but no cigar. Next time!

August 30

No rest for the weary today! I got a phone call from Dean at 4:55 am wondering where I was... I was sleeping since I had my alarm set for 5:15. He accidentally texted me to show up at 5:45 instead of 4:45. I said see ya in about 30 minutes.

We rolled down to Moss Landing to take advantage of the one place the wind wasn't blowing too hard. Several others had the same game plan... bonito. The fog was a tad thick and it moved in and then out and then back for a bit and then finally left completely. It wasn't long after that that a pair of rods went off. They were both nice fish, making multiple runs as we set about looking for the gaff while we played them.

I handed Dean the gaff while I tried to figure out how to get my fish over the outside line. Well it popped off so I didn't have to worry about that anymore. Tough loss but a great fight! About that time Dean was losing his pants as well. I was laughing my ass off and since I now had no fish of my own to mess with I went in and gaffed Dean's for him, but not before I snapped a quick picture.

With a 12 pound grade fish in the box the bite ended. We did get some stupid mackerel to commit suicide and I rigged them for future lingcod baits.

With the wind building we made a short attempt to drift for halibut North of the bar but the only takers were cute little lizardfish that plagued Dean's line.

Fun Times!

Rapalas were the ticket today and Dean's kicker can troll fast enough to get them to bite. Had an issue with the main... Got it fired up in time to heat our siracha tri tip burritos on the way in. Sand sole and dabs reportedly were on the chew too. 140ish feet down.

August 25-28

One of the flagship long range vessels built by Bill Poole in 1985, the Polaris Supreme is 90 feet in length with a 25 foot beam. Her extensive recent overhaul, state of the art electronics, seasoned skipper and savvy crew rival the top boats in the San Diego long range fleet...

I'll be writing an article to cover the Sadie Hawkins 3 day charter aboard this fine ship for publication in the Winter edition of Fish Taco Chronicles but to tide you over until then here's some snippets from the Polaris Supreme's web site.

"We started this morning at our chosen destination only to find rather unfavorable conditions due to cold water. Looking past that, we still gave it our efforts and ended up getting a few on board. We finally decided after a couple hours that the colder water just wasn't going to work, we chose to make a move to another area a few hours a way and take a look around. Low and behold, there happened to be even colder water there. Needless to say, there was no stopping, so we just continued on to the west . It didn't to take long to find absolutely gorgeous, more than fishable waters. We spent the rest of the afternoon hitting a line of beautiful size kelps scratching away at good grade dorados and yellows."

"We arrived nice and early to the tuna grounds to get ourselves in the best position for the days work. Shortly after first light we decided where we wanted to get things going. It started off quite slow as the conditions weren't just right. We lacked current which is not favorable to catching fish so it became a little bit of a waiting game. That gave Chef Mike his time to get breakfast out of the way. Not too long after we got mobile and did some looking around and finally started checking out some different schools and began scratching away at a few bluefin. They were in the 18 lb class which is not bad at all. As the day progressed, we found the spot that looked the best and posted up, getting a solid chum line going, got the balloons out and settled in. The fish slowly started popping up with some bluefin in the 70 lb class hitting the deck as well as Marilyn landing her first ever balloon fish and first bluefin at about 70 lbs. Congrats on that one!! The rest of the afternoon was a steady pick on that beautiful grade of tuna. You couldn't ask for a better way to end a 3 day trip. As soon as we landed our last 2 nice bluefin, one being Theresa's 75 lb "dream fish", it was time to pack it up and head home for San Diego. Us here on the Polaris Supreme would like to say thanks to Charter Head Bev Seltzer and her team of ladies and gentlemen for joining us this year and looking forward to seeing them next year on the 2nd annual Sadie Hawkins 3 day Charter."

August 12

Got up very early to drive to Full Speed Fishing Club member Sharkaholic's place to carpool to Berkeley Marina where we met Hawaiian Hooker and Don at 6 am.

It was foggy but we had decent weather as we hit Duxbury and points North. Lots of bait off Rocky Point but also a lot of dead space in between. Don got slammed right of the bat by a big salmon but it didn't stick. He also spent a few minutes battling a thresher shark that catapulted out of the water before biting through the line.

Mike stuck a fine one for first blood and I got a respectable keeper after that. Randy had a few hits but they didn't make it to the net. Plenty of heartbreak today.

Don got the final for the day around 1 pm. We tried long after that but finally headed in over a sloppy greeting in the bay on the outgoing tide.

Great day with great peeps! Oh and had my cake and ate it too; a nice slice of chocolate. Shared a bit with Mike lol!

August 9

Back to the local scene and home boys! Dean and I scuttled over to Half Moon Bay to try for salmon but after a few hours with zero hits we switched over to plan B; rockfish.

The condition were not perfect today... Semi-jackass water... strange drifts, etc.. We did have a humpback whale that kept us company for awhile as we picked away at lingcod and rockfish. I got a nice cabezon too before we packed it in at 2:30.

July 28 - August 3

Jeff and I returned to Queen Charlotte Safaris in Haida Gwaii. It was my 5th trip and Jeff's 4th at this great lodge off the coast of British Columbia.

Jeff opted out of the first day since he wasn't feeling 100% that morning and that was probably good for him because we went out to Marble Island where is was fishable but had a bit of a swell working. I caught 3 small halibut and then we came inside the passage and got attacked endlessly by Chum and Pink salmon. Every now and then we'd get a king or a silver. My boat mates were a fun couple from Canada and our guide, Nate, was very skilled and polite. We almost ran out of bait the first day with so many hits! I had one really nice fighter that broke off at the flasher halfway to the boat.

Day two was just salmon and we did box a few keepers for the freezer. We started playing with the GoPro too. We also fed an eagle right next to the boat with a small rockfish!

Day three was similar action and we were getting more king salmon. After dinner we took a nice long walk on the beach to see eagles and check out the beautiful shoreline.

We got an offer to fish with two of the guides on our fourth day. We decided to fish the Southeast side of the islands since I'd never done that and they get some very nice lingcod and halibut there. The weather was so nice that day the guys were talking about cutting their pant legs off to make shorts. It was a tad bumpy here an there but once on the grounds it was FLAT! I released a bunch of 4-5 pound quillbacks and my top lingcod was a 20 pounder. They laughed when I set the hook on the beast and yelled, "target species acquired"!

We rolled out of Sandspit just late enough to miss our connection in Vancouver so we had to rough it at the Fairmont Hotel for a night. Trip insurance to the rescue!

Valerie has made some improvements to her wonderful lodge and boats and I know we'll be back! She also rewarded me with 5 year ambassador and grand slam pins. She really goes the extra mile when she takes care of her guests!

July 26

There I was on the Royal Polaris tied up at the dock looking through trip photos. Someone shouted for me to come out and peer over the rail at something in the water. It was a red creature that looked like someone had put a lobster and a red crab though a teleportation device and it had gone terribly wrong; Brundle crab!

And then my alarm clock woke me up at 3:45 am! Time to drive over to Dean's and meet up to go fishing. Would my dream be an omen? Good luck or bad?

As we trailered his Airslot out of San Jose Dean was undecided as to where to go... San Francisco or Half Moon Bay? As we bore down on the 280 and 85 interchange we opted for Half Moon Bay.

Arriving and launching in the fog I got a call from Tom Cala who fortified our decision to hit Half Moon. He had had 8 salmon there the day before.

We ran a short distance from the harbor and put the rods out. I ran a watermelon Apex and Dean ran straight bait; an anchovy. There was not a lot of bait marking on the meter but there were a few murres on the surface here and there. We trolled around and sure enough we had one on Dean's rod. Then I got bit. Rinse and repeat and we had 4 salmon. While they weren't huge they were fine specimens and fought like fish twice their size!

With the salmon cleaned (thanks Dean) and on ice by 9 am, we headed to an area above Montara to coax up some rockfish. Dean had a gigantic soft plastic swim bait he was field testing. It worked like a charm as he reeled up a beautiful 18 pound lingcod. I managed to hit the fish twice in the jawbone with the gaff before trading the gaff for the rod so Dean could gaff it. He did seem to enjoy fighting it back up after each run LOL. His lure seemed to scare the rockfish but I was busy catching those on my rig. I also managed 3 more lings to add to our assortment of Bolinas, blacks and a China. Dean also had a seatrout that he released.

We pulled the plug around 1:30 a few rockfish short of limits but with a better plan to beat the traffic and hit the swimming pool back at Dean's. What a wonderful day on and off the water!

July 14

As a member and supporter of Discover Angling I had the pleasure of mentoring aboard the vessel Huli Cat today. While we had a weather window it was not the nicest one we would have liked for the kids. The swell got to a few of them, however most had a wonderful time and Captain Mike found us nice rockfish off Pescadero and San Gregorio.

I spent a good part of the day up on the bow as well hooking and handing off fish, assisting our deckhand, Donovan, with taking fish off the hooks and showing the kids how it's done. Alas I didn't have a kid handy to pass off a nice 12 pound ling that hitchhiked up on a smaller rockfish but rest assured that wa the last mistake that fish ever made!

The kids caught a wide assortment of blues, blacks, Chinas, bolinas, yellowtails, gophers, coppers and we had a few vermilion, cabezon, seatrout and lingcod.

July 7

There has been one last port on my bucket list to fish from to complete the list of ports from San Diego to Neah Bay (actually I rounded the corner and hit Port Angeles and went on into Seattle but I'm counting direct Pacific only).

I decided to roll up to Oregon for a week to 10 days and tossed a tackle bag and a couple of rods in the car, just in case I had an opportunity to fish. The stars aligned on July 7th and I grabbed a spot on the Samson out of Depoe Bay. Yep the world's smallest harbor was the one I had bypassed until today.

With one of my trusty new spiral wrapped Seeker Rods (Hercules blank) in hand and sporting my sister's designer rain boots I hoofed it to the bow. The rest of the passengers all had standard issue rental rods but they were in great shape and rigged to catch! We made the passing out of the tiny harbor and first took care of dropping about a half dozen crab pots before continuing on to hunt rockfish and other bottoms dwellers.

Captain Lars had a chuckle as I showed him what I normally slay lingcod with. Well aside from a quick drive by and a couple of rockfish my plan was losing steam. Fate intervened and I hooked up what I believe may have been a crab pot rope on a lost pot. Lars helped me break it off and I dug out a brown swim bait with about a 4 oz. lead head. I threw on a Harry Boos teaser above it.

Bingo! I started to get down to business and land lingcod. It's what I was born to do lol! By the time we had to go collect the crab I had caught 8, kicking 2 shorts back, keeping 2 and giving away 4. I had some nice rockfish too and I was gifted some Dungeness crab for a couple of those lings I passed along.

I wish I lived closer. I'd go fish with Lars on the Samson anytime! Spotless boat, nice crew and a short boat ride to some of the most beautiful and productive grounds. Two thumbs up from the Lady and the Lingcod!

June 13-16

Tuna Wars II was the social event of the season with 3 teams vying for bragging rights while raising money for The Friends of Rollo Foundation.

Kicking off the festivities was a captain's reception at the Bali Hai on Shelter Island.

The following afternoon the real fun started with 3 teams boarding local vessels to compete for 2 days.

Captain Dave Marciano (Hard Merchandise) was aboard the Eclipse

Captain Paul Hebert (Wicked Pissah) was aboard the Cortez

Captain Dave Carraro (FV-Tuna.com) was aboard the Tribute

I joined the Tribute team and met some wonderful people while we hunted down schools of tuna. Alas it was the Eclipse that edged out our boat's biggest tuna by a mere 2 pounds to win the competition. The real winners though are the lucky kids who will get to go fishing with the proceeds raised by this wonderful event.

June 1

Dean and I had plans yesterday to go to Pescadero but the wind from the south was more than advertised so we planted 4 crab pots to soak off HMB while we skipped around between the cans and the Ritz trolling for salmon for a few hours for one hit on my green croc that didn't stick.

We then changed up to rockfish and lings which worked out better for us. About three quarters into our day the sheep stopped rolling in although the sun never came out. We saw Capt. Dew out there making the best of it. We saw a "freakin' baby whale" too. Sunfish LOL! (Google it it's hilarious!)

I used an 6 or 8 oz. red octopus jig with a 5" Flying Fish Stage 3.5 Tad Pole #212 Tomato Pepper color and did quite well with the lings... I did lose a very nice fish about 30' under the boat. I beat the jig like a redheaded stepchild and never even got a paint chip. I got them off Ebay and I'm checking to see if the guy is still making them.

Dean was not as fortunate in the gear dept. and will be shopping for items eaten by the reef, however he got his share of lings and some very nice rockfish. We also got limits of crab!

We also came up with a brilliant idea for tray bait (not for salmon) which we are keeping a secret until further testing.

May 14

After grabbing about 5 hours of sleep I was back up at Richmond Harbor to join team Hawaiian Hooker for a day of halibut fishing in the bay.

We had intended to fish a club derby but the plan fell through. Mike, Rod, Byron, Justin and I gave it the full court press all day but aside from a hit or two we got the big goose egg.

I didn't get to video a really cool natural phenomenon but here's a clip from YouTube that shows how Raccoon Straits looks during a tide change.

May 13

A lot of people consider Friday the 13th to be a bit ominous as far as luck goes but a answered the call to fish salmon with Dean this morning anyway.

We launched in the predawn next to the ballpark in San Francisco and headed for Duxbury. As we went under the Golden Gate Bridge the birds were feeding and we metered bait so thick you could practically walk on it. No small wonder that the news had been airing stories of humpback whales coming into the bay recently; their food was abundant here!

Dean was set on starting off at Dux since he'd fished there the day before and done very well. We had a few other boats out around us as we dropped in but as the morning progressed the fleet thickened considerably. A lot of people must have called in sick lol. I saw the Queen of Hearts and Tea Sea out there too.

I was first to put a fish in the boat and then we had a few heartbreakers between us... all really nice ones too! Dean got one after that and then we picked away until I boxed another.

We decided to head south of Stinson Beach around Rocky Point when conditions looked favorable and Dean got his second fish.

We ran 4 of Dean's crab pots to get a few dungeness crab and then called it a day.

April 20

Met Dean and Jerry at Dean's and we launched in HMB. We ran up to the city and dropped in for almost instant action on King salmon.

We saw the usual suspects out there and after the action died down we headed South while most tried North. I saw major action on the inside and we headed for it... "IT" started heading for us... About 150 sea lions. Fortunately they ran right past us and kept going. Dean found a honey hole and Dean did the nice thing by doing a radio shout out. Most of the folks who responded had fish on within 5 minutes of dropping in once they found us.

Jerry was the hot stick and had 3 or 4 fish hit. Dean had 2. The guys only lost 3 of the fish that hit. 4 fish made it into the boat. I drank a couple of beers and ate some amazing Pho that Jerry brought... Dean and I both got demerits for not bringing wine. Our bad!

On our way back down the coast the main engine started to steam big time and we had to use the trusty kicker to putt down from around Moss and we pulled pots on the way too. I took an opportunity to sit up front a use my camera to get some nice photos of marine life.

After a quick wash down we were on the road as it started to get dark. We all had live crab to deal with so I'm sure we were all up very late. I called ahead to have Jeff start the water boiling. I hit the hay at midnight. Poor Jerry had to be in the city early! I'm sure he was not looking forward to it.

Just got a note from Dean that it was a hose rupture. Glad we didn't cook the engine.

P.S. It's nice to see a humpback on hump day!

April 5

Well since I missed getting out with Dean for the salmon opener I couldn't let another opportunity pass me by today.

Dean and I met up with Mark at Oyster Point Marina for a 3/4 day jaunt on the bay. It couldn't have been any flatter. We trolled around keeping the boat in the 12' depth range most of the day. We did attempt a brief but unproductive venture into deeper water before packing it in.

Mark got first blood with a halibut and then had a second fish give him the slip. I was breaking in a new spiral wrapped Seeker Hercules 70L and was actively working the rod when my halibut hit. Mark also released a striped bass.

It was a very hot day weather wise!

April 1

Well I'd have been a fool not to go fishing on the rockfish opener so I grabbed a spot on the Huli Cat with Captain Tom. We fished south of Pigeon Point to a little shy of Ano Nuevo. The fish were a tad picky today but my first fish was a beautiful and hard fighting vermilion. We all got a nice limit of crab too!

March 30

Tea Sea hit the crab pots this morning for quick and easy limits of Dungeness.

March 25

Mike with the Hawaiian Hooker was looking for crew so I got up at 4:30 am to meet up with him in San Leandro for some sturgeon fishing. With the nice amount of frequent rain we've been having the sturgeon bite has been epic and Mike knows all about these prehistoric critters.

Another gal pal of his, Yvonne, came along too and we set out a little after 6 am on nice flat water. We cruised south past the 92 bridge and tossed the anchor down. Barely 15 minutes later we had the first fish hooked up.

Yvonne fought the beast while I cleared the other lines and took photos with Mike's cell phone. Mike netted the sturgeon and when we taped it out it was 61 inches. We got Yvonne to pose with it before letting it go. It was her first one too!

The weather was nice enough to shed jackets and enjoy the sun. We continued to catch fish only now we had a nice blitz going with leopard shark catch and release. I had four or five and three were over 55 inches. We all got to have fun with the sharks before the wind ended our day around 2:30.

March 20

I rolled out this morning as part of Tea Sea's regular crew. We had nine limits of crab in 4 pots. I was the official crab counter and photographer today.

There was a little SW lump but we managed to get the job done in 2 hours.

Fresh crab for dinner and I'm making a nice batch of crab and langostino bisque.

March 16

Another fine day crabbing for tasty dungeness aboard Tea Sea. The guys let me re-bait the jars LOL!

February 25

With recreactional crab now safe to eat I made my first dungeness crab trip out with Tom and crew on the Tea Sea out of Pillar Point Harbor. We had big limits of crab in just a few pots. I'm taking crab to a few friends in Southern CA soon when I go down for the annual Fred Hall show.

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