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2018 Events

February 17 - 18

San Francisco Travel Show at the Santa Clara, CA Convention Center

March 7 - 11

Fred Hall Show Long Beach, CA Convention Center

October 9

Bev will be the guest speaker at the Gold Coast Lady Anglers club meeting

October 20

Bev is going to volunteer at the "The Big X" Randy Fry Memorial Freediving Tournament


2018 Fishing Schedule

June 26-29

Tuna Wars IV kicks off with the Captain's reception at the Bali Hai on the 26th. This year Bev is fishing on the Tomahawk with the Hard Merchandise team!

July 3- 7

4 day trip on the Intrepid... Cancelled due to boat still being in the shipyard.

July 25 - July 30

Queen Charlotte Safaris! Bev returns for her 7th year because when you find a consistent winner you stick with it!

August 18

Bay Area Sportfishers Club 2nd annual charter on the Huli Cat for rockfish, lingcod and possibly some other bottom dwellers.

August 23 - 26

"Sadie Hawkins" 3 day trip on the Polaris Supreme and it will be a Seeker Rods sponsored trip again!

October 3 - 7

Casting 4 Souls event presented by Fishers of Men West Coast, Van Wormer Resorts and Soles4Souls. Pay it forward. Fish and give back. Bev will be fishing 2 days from Palmas De Cortez and is hoping to get Jeff his first wahoo!





Magazine Articles

“10 Days on the Royal Polaris ”

Bev covers an amazing ultra-limited trip while enjoying her 44th birthday on her favorite long range vessel, Fish Taco Chronicles magazine Spring Edition, 2003.

“The Day the Halibut Went Stupid”

The first annual Lady and the Lingcod Tournament turns a rockfish and lingcod competition into a halibut derby, Fish Taco Chronicles magazine Winter Edition, 2003/2004.

“From the Depths of Alaska”

Coverage of Bev's team in the 4th annual Penn Reels Alaska Grand Slam Tournament in Sitka held at Kingfisher Lodge, Fish Taco Chronicles magazine Fall Edition, 2004.

“Welcome to the Big Leagues”

Making the leap from amateur to professional, Fish Taco Chronicles magazine Spring Edition, 2005.

“Lake Fork's Finest”

A trip to Texas to fish largemouth bass in Fish Taco Chronicles magazine, Fall Edition, 2005.

“Lighten up on Shallow-Water Rockfish”

The secrets you've all been waiting for are revealed in Fish Taco Chronicles magazine, Spring Edition, 2006

“Get Your "Kings" at Queen Charlotte Safaris ”
Bev returns to this wonderful lodge in British Columbia and Jeff joins her for a great couples fishing getaway. Fish Taco Chronicles magazine, Winter Edition, 2009
“Fishing Your Way Through the Sea of Men”

By a gal who's been-there-done-that... Read how women are impacting the sportfishing industry and who's getting their support. (Also included is the recipe Smoked Salmon Quiche from Bev's book The Lady and the Lingcod.) Lady Angler Magazine, May/June, 2013

“Cabezon. The mother-in-law fish?”

The deep dark secrets of cabezon are unlocked. Lady Angler Magazine, July/August, 2013

"Chasing Cows Shogun Style!"
Bev recounts a 15 day long range trip to Clarion Island and Hurricane Bank for 200 pound plus yellowfin tuna and giant wahoo. But before they pulled the plug on this trip a drive-by yellowtail finale produced a beast at Alijos Rocks! Fish Taco Chronicles magazine, Fall Edition, 2014
"The Rollo Legacy Continues"

24 kids go fishing for rockfish on Veteran's Day in 2014 aboard the Queen of Hearts courtesy of the Friends of Rollo Foundation. Fish Taco Chronicles magazine, Spring Edition, 2015

“E Ticket to Guadalupe”

The wild west adventure to this Mexican island is granted to a few of the best boats in the long range fleet after years of closure. Fish Taco Chronicles magazine, Spring Edition, 2016

“Sadie Hawkins Charter Dances the Tuna Shuffle”
An even mix of guys and gals go offshore on the Polaris Supreme to fish, make new friends and party like it's 1999! Fish Taco Chronicles magazine, Winter Edition, 2016
Pelican, Alaska “Closest to the Fish”
Making the most of a combination trip to Juneau and Pelican in Alaska which includes a few days of fishing with Pelican Charters. Fish Taco Chronicles magazine, Winter Edition, 2017


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