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Read about the December Shogun trip in Fish Taco Chronicles coming out in the Spring edition. Tight Lines and see you in 2016!

November 28 Update:

It's been almost 5 1/2 months since the auto accident caused by a "distracted" driver two days after my June 7th report. It was with a heavy heart and disappointment that I had to cancel a benefit event in Loreto, Mexico, a kid's trip and numerous invitations to do research data trips and fish with friends, however my doctor's have recently been giving me the green light to do some exploratory fishing close to home, when conditions are right. I will likely have some limitations permanently but it's time to do some more field testing in order to see what those limits will be. So with the blessing of my doctors I have booked a trip on the Shogun.

June 7

If yesterday could be compared to doing hand-to-hand combat in the trenches today was more like playing round of golf from the country club. Pat and his wife Debra invited me along with Mike and his dad, Larry to go salmon fishing aboard the Peridot. At 32' it's akin to fishing from your completely furnished one bedroom apartment.

We found flat water and tons of bait from Stinson Beach to the green can and Mike worked the down riggers. We ran a spread of 3 to 5 rods all day with mostly bait. And trust me there was so much bait it blotted out the depth finder on many occasions. I even had a rig ready to jig on the bow in case we parked o a bait ball or saw black rockfish boiling. Mike released one short and managed to get one keeper.

We sure gave it the college try. I did get the fish to start to bite by trying to get in a little nap. I woke to not only a fish hitting a line but a sandwich with chips and fresh raspberries! Truly another great outing with great company.

June 6

I had a rare weekend with offers to fish back-to-back. My close friends know I'm an animal when I get a chance to dig deep and prove myself. This weekend would be no exception!

Up at 2:45 am on Saturday to get to Manny's (yeah you know the word epic is coming...) by 4 am to ride up with Manny, Joey, Gary, Angel and ? (My bad. I forgot and I still haven't caught up on all my missed sleep.)

We dropped Diabla in at Bodega Bay and ran up to Sea Ranch. Beautiful scenery wonderful ocean conditions and fish were on the chew. Big fish too! We had a few canary issues including a hog that we photographed before the release. Manny spent more time behind the wheel and the gaff than a rod but he did get some nice ones.

There's nothing like a great father & son picture so I got a nice pic of Manny and Joey after they both scored decent lings. We found rockies breaking the surface and kicked back anything that didn't make the cut. Once the crew limited out on rockfish and lings we headed back, however this trip was not completely epic just yet. Manny tossed out the hook near Salt Point, suited up and went over the side to bag his 3 abalone. I think it took him 15-20 minutes lol!

Mission accomplished we put the hammer down, pulled the boat and did the bobble-head ride in the truck home for a long but very fun day. Thanks Manny and crew! Another epic trip in the books.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... I had to kick back a pig of a ling 'cause we had our limits. Felt kinda nice actually!

May 30

Capt. Tom, Dwight, Mike and I took Tea Sea out of Pillar Point Harbor and headed south to San Gregorio to thump rockfish. I whipped out some Berkley Gulp saltwater jerk shads and got bit by a big copper rockfish right off the bat.

Lingcod were not as interested in us today but we caught and released a few little guys and Dwight landed one legal one. Mike was our all star on the rockfish while I nailed a cabezon. Dwight also popped up a cab.

Dwight brought up a nice black rockfish and as I reached into it's mouth to unhook it I saw a mackerel staring back at me! Well that would explain the hundreds of sea lions that kept coming by us in waves. We actually thought we were seeing macks jumping but upon closer inspection we found huge schools of mega-sized blue rockfish feeding (boiling like tuna!) on the surface. There were also large black rockfish mixed in. We proceeded to run & gun on the school. I keep a few small white spoons and jigs just for this sort of wide open top water bite and I was soon having a blast catching them on ultra light Shimano gear. I tried to get some video but it was hard to put the rod down and play with the camera. Every time I tried I missed them!

On our way in we were treated to a humpback whale show including synchronized breaching and flipper slapping by a pair just below Three Rocks.

May 27

Dean and I slipped out of Half Moon Bay today to make the best of a crab and rockfish combo.

First we baited and set 4 pots near the yellow buoy off Miramar beach. The other four we ran out a few miles to set deeper. Then we jumped around the reef releasing some canary rockfish and bagging a few nice black rockfish. We caught a couple of others including a China and hit a few juvenile lingcod before I found one big enough to take home.

Crab were plentiful IF you count small females. We rolled the pots over twice for 10 dungeness and 3 stone crab. I think our final count on the fish was also 13. We had fun as usual and the weather was nice most of the day.

May 17

Friends don't let friends go home without lingcod! It was a rough job but somebody had to get it done lol.

Tulio and I fished with Captain Tom Cala on Tea Sea out of Half Moon today. I had my two Shimano outfits which made each fight epic. (I pair up Trevala rods with Talica reels.) It was a tough bite when it came to rockfish but I managed to put the wood to the lingcod. I used the same lure I let Tom (Huli Cat) use on Friday. I nailed 6 before I reefed it. The last 3 came on 2 different color swimbaits and an octopus lure. I also managed one bolina on the octopus.

And while we're talking about octopus... The biggest fish today (probably 13 pounds) hacked up a 1 pound octopus. I got a shout out from some fellow FSF members on the grounds. I hope they rocked the lings too!

I brought home 3 green lings for the annual family Memorial Day BBQ. Can't wait for their reactions when they see pastel green fish fillets.

Thanks Tom. I love being on your crew list! (Even if my hands are swollen and my back is sore.)

May 15

I'm glad Tom Mattusch on the Huli Cat opted to postpone some paperwork and go out and have a little fun. I set him up with one of my Shimano rods and some lures I had that I knew worked well on lings. We also tried out the a new octopus lure.

The water was pretty flat however just when we'd get a breeze it'd quit, we we weren't getting the drifts we wanted. The slack-water type conditions made us have to work a bit to get them biting but we sure had nice quality rockfish when they did! I don't think I caught the same species twice and we both had a limit of rockfish. Tom tried to pass off a hook up on a big ling to me. I said,"hell no!" It was fun to watch him work that fish. I did gaff it for him. (Perfectly through the mouth and out one eye.)

I filleted fish while Tom ran down his crab string. We each took 6 crab home as a bonus.

I had some family up for dinner last night and we enjoyed fresh crab and lingcod.

Thanks again Tom!

April 25

The 29th Annual Monterey Bay Disabled Veteran's Salmon Derby concluded today. For details here's the link to the Monterey Bay Veterans.

I decked for Steve North aboard his vessel Mistress. We had Jeanie and her husband with us and we fished out in front of Santa Cruz near the Soquel Hole. The weather was "sporty" according to Steve and we didn't have a lot of time to try and make it happen for Jeanie.

She still had a wonderful time out there and said her fish is just "getting bigger" so hopefully we land a nice one for her next time!

April 17

Tom, Mark, Joe and I took the slightly smaller version of Tea Sea's Albemarles out of Moss Landing and headed north. As far as landmarks go we were off of Manresa Beach. Most of the other boats we saw today were a little north of us.

Captain Tom received a call from Paul on the Sunrus II who relayed that they were catching fish. Unfortunately they didn't have a net. We had a spare so we loaned them one.

It was beautiful on the water! The recent winds had helped out the upwellings and dropped the temperature a bit and the water color was perfect for salmon. Mark put the first one in the box (10 #) and then I stuck my first (14 #) on bait; UV FBR behind a sling blade. Joe had a long distance release and then I stuck a nice one (18-20 #) to finish our day as the wind started up again just after noon.

The average depth we trolled over was 110' to 120' and I got bit at 70'-80' OTW (on the wire - downrigger). The rest of our crew was around 50'-80'.

I got stupid and sent a pic to a co-worker and wound up getting asked to come in to work for 3 hours after I got home. LAST TIME I PULL A BONEHEAD MOVE LIKE THAT. LOL!

Thankfully friends came over to help cut the fish around dinnertime.

April 9

Contrary to popular belief, I did not give up fishing for Lent this year. I just couldn't get my friends intrigued enough to go out for sand dabs and I was too busy to even attend the annual surf perch tournament... Anyway it's been way to long since I was on the salt pond but I got out today with Captain Tom, Brian, Jim and Fred for some salmon.

Fred had two on in the morning, however one found freedom before I could net it. I managed two fish to bring our tally to three for the day.

Everyone went home with some fish and the guys let me keep a whole one to my surprise. Jeff's got a tail fillet cooking on a cedar plank for dinner. Gotta run!

January 2

Time to ring in another year! The ocean laid down enough to run the crab gear on Tea Sea. Captain Tom had Dean, Dwight, Joe and I as crew today for 3/4 limits of dungeness crab.

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