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December 24

My last trip of the year was another effort to find some willing sturgeon. Mike, a friend of his, Dean and I tried a different spot in the bay today after launching from Redwood City. We did have great time firing up the BBQ and drinking wine.

December 1

Team Seahare strikes again for another fine load of dungeness crab.

November 29

Well while I was out of town Harold slipped the crab pots back in so I met him and Paul at the ramp in Pillar Point for a smooth run out to get a quick limit of nice dungeness crab. Tomorrow I'll be going back out for more or staying home to make crab bisque.

November 28

Mike (Hawaiian Hooker) was running a marathon of striped bass and sturgeon fishing out of Pittsburg, CA over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I had to travel most of the weekend, however I made it home in time to join him for a beautiful Sunday on the Delta.

My car registered a low of 33 degrees outside as I made my way North through the East Bay on 680. The cold didn't seem to deter too many though as I noticed a decent number of watercraft at the launch and just off shore. While waiting for Mike to show up and had time to hit a Starbuck's and grab us some coffee. I also picked up some grass shrimp, bullheads and mud suckers for bait.

Sturgeon were jumping and a few fish were being hooked here and there but I only had two good chances at a hook set and I failed on both... One felt really nice too! We listened to the radio, chatted and cracked open a couple of cold ones but the closest action to us came by the way of a sea lion that had stolen a small sturgeon from another angler.

We headed back to the ramp just before sundown to call it day. Sturgeon fishing takes some skill and I'm glad I had a chance to practice some more with Mike.

November 22

Harold woke me up Monday morning and dashed my hopes of spending the morning lounging around drinking coffee and watching TV. I was out of bed and made it to Pillar Point in one hour flat! There's nothing like a little salt spray in the air to make you feel alive.

He brought along Paul and we pulled 6 pots and stacked them since the weather looks like it'll keep us off the water for a few days. We had a few jumbos but the grade was pretty consistent although a few were a little sparse in the legs and a couple were "dirty." Those dungeness crab were feisty today and I almost got pinched.

We'll be back on them after Thanksgiving.

November 18

Harold, Pat and I couldn't pass up a BEAUTIFUL day on the water... (Hope you feel better soon Henry.) Yep we're back on the dungeness crab.

As we ran to the first pot we spotted something that looked familiar. It was the other half of Harold's float the got whacked by a propeller on our last outing. It was about a mile inside of the pot... Yep it's pretty calm out there... Felt like we were running out on tall cotton.

November 17

I was back out on the lightly fog-shrouded coast of San Mateo with Harold and Henry today for a quick limit of big dungeness crabs. If I go out tomorrow I might also try for some sand dabs.

November 13

Discover Angling held a day of fishing for a group of kids aged 9 to 16 out on the pier at the Marin Rod & Gun Club. I attended as a mentor and helped a few of them learn a little bit about angling. One girl in particular became very good at casting and I hope she continues to get to practice her new skills.

The weather was amazing but the fish were playing hard to get. We did have a couple of bat rays that the kids had fun catching, studying and then releasing, as well as a couple of big jacksmelt. One fellow out today with a cast net taught one of the boys how to throw it after he watched perch being caught.

We held a nice BBQ lunch for everyone and gave some prizes to the top three new anglers. I hope to do some more mentoring with Discover Angling and thanks to Mel, Richard, Mark, Dan, Jennifer and all the others who helped out today!

November 11

I still had a score to settle with the local lingcod so I took one last shot at getting a keeper today on the Queen of Hearts. The wind was down in the morning making it possible to travel down past Pigeon Point to fish, however we had a big swell and the water was still churned up and the rockfish didn't like it one bit.

We wound up with slightly better than half limits with a vermilion rockfish taking top honors today. I'll be ready to try again for lings next year!

November 6

You know you're going to have a great time when they open the sport take of dungeness crab on your birthday! My friend Harold let me crew on his Grady White with Alan (who also had a birthday today) and Ephraim.

Just 3 miles out of Pillar Point Harbor on a beautiful day, both on land and sea, we pulled a few pots and had huge limits of crab in little time.

November 3

Big swells working there way down the coast from British Columbia made it a bit interesting to get out and fish this week since most of the landings had cancellations due to the weather. I did find one spot still fishable and they were targeting white seabass.

I decided to book a trip on the Check Mate out of Chris's Fishing Trips in Monterey. I had fished with Chris's back in the late 80's for rockfish and salmon so there was a little nostalgia in going back again. On this Wednesday morning there were only 6 of us joining skipper Harry (Tinker) Neece and deckhand Raul Ortize.

Unable to quickly locate any big schools of squid we decided to set up a drift and use the squid we already had for bait. It wasn't long before Chris, a local from Monterey, started to encounter some resistance when bringing his line up to check it. His rod went bendo and about 15-20 minutes later he had a nice 40 pound fish to pose with.

Try as we might we didn't get another bite until later that afternoon when Bob, one of their regulars, boxed a nice fish too. I flylinned a squid out and had a sea lion pick it up, however we were hoping at the time that I had a fish on and that the mischievous pinniped had snatched it up. Everyone hauled in and we gave chase as I fought the beast from the bow. Upon closer examination as the sea lion surfaced I did not see a fish so we broke him off. I don't think he was too upset about the ordeal because he came back to check us out again.

It was a slow day of fishing for most of the boats out today but we still had fun and I'd recommend the boat and crew to anyone heading to Monterey. We did get to see Risso dolphins on several occasions.

October 27

Although the weather had just started to settle down and the wind was forecast to blow from the Northeast with a Southerly on it's tail, I was anxious to try for a lingcod again.

Fifteen of us headed out on the Queen of Hearts where we found the water considerably stirred up from the recent big swell. The sea was still confused and we never had the same drift twice as we tried hard to get the rockfish to bite. The weather improved vastly over the course of the day but those lings continued to evade me.

A couple were caught but they were not legal so they got tossed back. Today's catch was primarily blue, gopher, and olive rockfish with a smattering of exotics including some nice vermilions.

October 22

I was feeling good, kicking back in the big red Chevy tow rig that hauls the big 10,000 lb. Catamaran "Diabla". We were cruising Southbound on 19th Ave. in San Francisco on a Friday night and the Bee Gees were belting out "Stayin' Alive" as we paraded down the center lane in traffic. I smiled as I thought of the 4 lingcod who were happy to still be alive...

Early Friday morning I drove up to Manny's home (AKA Diablasmaster) and met his buddy Oscar. We headed North with the famous sled "Diabla" stopping to pick up Noah (Roger) in Marin County. Last year I had fished Point Sur with Manny and some friends and we had an epic day, so I was looking forward to seeing what we'd catch in Northern waters. It was drizzling a bit and overcast most of the day but we had a nice launch from Bodega Bay and ran up 35-40 miles to some seldom-fished hot spots.

The blues were humongous and we popped up a couple of nice olives and a couple of coppers including an absolute toad that Manny caught. I released a vermilion that wasn't quite big enough to compare to the rest of the haul. Roger had to kick back a couple of those popular canary rockfish but he and Oscar both managed to get some fine rockfish. I finally got a lingcod but it was too short... AGAIN! Manny and I traded off catching 3 more but none were quite legal size.

We had a great time and the weather was pretty nice most of the day. The wind came up briefly giving Roger and Oscar some green gills for awhile but they kept busy pulling on fish. We had a lot of double hook-ups on big fish which might explain why my arms were so sore the next morning, lol!

October 9

I got out today on a Queen of Hearts charter with a few friends and we hit New Year's, which is North of Santa Cruz. Right off the bat I hook up with my 8th lingcod this year however I had to kick him back. I'm starting to think this may be the first year I go "lingless" when it comes to keepers, lol! My bag did see several large gophers, a vermilion, a bolina, a few blues and a huge seatrout. I also had a turbot but he came off as I attempted to pull him over the rail.

My friend Gene managed a keeper ling as did a few others. I also caught a classic jackass Kodak moment when Gene tossed our deckhand Heather a squid. The picture snapped just prior to impact; one inch from her nose and open mouth.

September 28

It's been awhile since I had fished with a few people I know from Full Speed Fishing so when I had an offer from Mike (Hawaiian Hooker) to meet him and Dave (Ponyboy) at the launch ramp in Monterey I jumped at the chance. Today's quarry was white seabass.

I arrived at 6 am in Monterey only to check my phone messages and find out I had some time to kill due to the guys dealing with a trailer tire mishap, so off to Pebble Beach I went in search of the Bank of the West. I cruised the 17 mile drive and watched it get light out, gassed up the car and then hit Starbuck's on the Cannery Row. Of course I forgot my boots today and felt silly walking around in capri pants with tennis shoes and blue socks but oh well.

Mike and Dave showed up and we got out and into the action in no time. For some reason unknown to me, I brought my sturgeon leaders that Ben over at Fisherman's Warehouse had made for me a few months ago. My rod got hit first so let's just say the fish were NOT line shy and maybe they like orange beads. I thought it was a fluke but they hit my rod again and Mike got to fight that one. Go figure. I also brought a Pro Gear without a clicker so I had to back off the drags and watch for the fish to hit, then kick the drags back on CAREFULLY! I didn't horse the fish (which I'm known to do) and I was thrilled to see a big beast hit the net.

Dave ripped lips on a fish and got to walk all around the boat to fight it. Mike's next one hit a coffee grinder and just about had him spooled but Dave sprang to the rescue and ran the fish down. I got to be the net bitch a few times and there was no shortage of jellyfish.

After leaving the parking lot and slowly making my way to the freeway due to a power outage that royally screwed up traffic, I made an ice stop. The fish was so big it took a large garbage bag and another large bag put on from both ends to cover the fish. I stacked 5 bags of ice in and prayed it wouldn't soak the carpet in the back of my PT Cruiser. On the drive back home I saw that there was no way I'd hit Bayside Marine in time to weigh the fish so I took a chance at Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing. They rolled that puppy around on a cart for everyone to see and then took it to the back where we weighed it. The fish weighed 45 pounds but with a pending record at IGFA of a bigger one, I opted to have them cut it up. A few of the guys steaked and filleted it while I kicked back and had some chowder. I got the bill for the chowder but they were going to let me slide on the processing.. I said hell no and kicked them a $20.

August 16

The weather was nice today and my schedule was open so it was a no-brainer to fish aboard the Queen of Hearts today. Heather was our deckhand and she and Bob were in fine form as we made our way south to Pescadero.

Although the "catching" was a bit slower today we did get large, quality yellow and black rockfish, gophers, Chinas and huge Bolinas. I caught and released 4 lingcod with 2 coming close to making it to legal size. As a small consolation prize I did manage to get the only copper (and it was a big bugger too) and I did get a very nice seatrout which is headed for my kitchen for dinner.

July 31 - August 7

It had been 9 years since I had a chance to fish the annual Queen of Hearts charter on the Royal Polaris but by the grace of God and a credit card I made it happen. We had a fantastic group of anglers, including my friends Alecia and Chris. It's always fun to get to see Bob and Sherry (owners of the Queen of Hearts) enjoying time away from their boat and getting to fish nonstop. We got an early start, loaded up with large cured sardines and departed San Diego Harbor. I bunked with Alecia in room 8 and started setting up gear and unwinding. Our crew for this trip included Frank, Dharyl, Billy, Eddie, John, Trevor, Anthony, and James. The weather was nice and we were headed for Alijos Rocks.

On the next day, a travel day, Chris indulged me with my wish to broaden my horizons and learn how to tie topshots. He brought out all the necessary equipment to a table and he showed me how to work with Jerry Brown hollow braid and Blackwater fluorocarbon. I caught on real quick and managed to crank out about 6 or 8 to make sure I had the technique down solid. Chris was such a pleasant and capable instructor that I was able to teach someone else by the end of the trip.

At Alijos we trolled up some nice big wahoo. Alecia, Chris and I were on team number one; Alecia on the port corner and me on the starboard. Alecia scored a decent one but we didn't get any other takers on that troll. After a few more rotations we anchored up and set up the kites. Bob got the lucky first shot at a kite fish and landed a yellowfin tuna over 50 pounds. I hooked one on a 4/0 rig and had a nice fight for about 15 minutes until it chewed though my 40# fluorocarbon. Several anglers managed to hook these 80 to 100 pound beasts only to have them ultimately win. A few smaller managed to find there way onto the boat but the trip would only yield 11 since they were line shy of the bigger test. Sherry got one. That woman always does well on these trips!

Over the next few days the weather picked up a little as we trolled offshore for a few more wahoo while looking for tuna. What we found no shortage of was yellowtail! They were everywhere and we were happy to thin the herds. I did finally get a yellowfin but he was only about 5 pounds so he was released. Alecia pulled up the hog of the trip; a 49.6 pound yellowtail which earned her the Rollo jackpot. Kathy was one of the 5 other women on this trip (and we also had Frank's 8 year old granddaughter.) We shared a rare double hook up on the same yellowtail as we fished side-by-side up on the bow one afternoon. I saw her go bendo and then watched a yellow pick up my bait. As we put our rods together to control tangles it didn't take long to determine we were on the same fish. When it was gaffed she graciously gave it to me. During this time we also added a few dorado and a handful of grouper to the hold. I should mention that Chris landed half of the grouper taken by the boat; a pair in the 30# class as well as nailing the only black seabass which weighed 50 pounds.

We shot over to Cedros Island in the hopes of getting into a hot bite on white seabass but only 2 were boated close to dawn. We elected to stay in the area and target calico bass, halibut and more yellowtail. I rigged up my lightest combo a Sabre pro series gx197oc rod paired with my trusty Penn 525 Mag reel. I put a 30# topshot on it and fashioned a dropper loop intending to go after halibut that were being caught in the 30 - 40 pound class. Well wouldn't you know a yellow would decide to mess with me. The battle that ensued was almost tantamount to bringing a knife to a gunfight. That fish was probably the best fight I had the whole trip... Until about 30 minutes later when I hooked another one on the same rod with a swimbait! I got both of the fish in and they were both around 25 pounds each. I let a few small calicos go and watched as Chris, Sherry, Kathy and Joe all landed nice halibut. Chris had the biggest butt which he says is 40 pounds but I think it was closer to 50.

We spent our last day of fishing trolling in search of albacore but we didn't find any. We did get an incredible display of over a dozen blue whales. As usual the food was outstanding and in order to keep from gaining weight I often scaled back to a half portion. Aside from my installing a large, green-soap-dispensing, rubber nose in the shower there was not a not of pranks pulled on this trip... Slackers!

Saturday morning we offloaded and headed to Fisherman's Processing to watch our catch being cleaned, bagged and tagged. I had just learned of this new operation and knowing Frank had a hand in it I had to try it out... (Well winning a gift certificate towards my processing didn't hurt either, lol) They were wonderful and have become my new first choice in San Diego. I also was able to donate 11 of my 21 yellowtail to a worthy cause.

I arrived back home with some sushi grade yellowtail and some very big arms! Chris is already trying to talk me into a 17 day trip next year... We'll see.

July 16 - 17

I flew to Loreto, Mexico again this year for the Fishing for the Mission tournament. After getting set up at the Cocos Cabanas and enjoying a few days in and around town, Jim Duggins paired me up with Sandy, Maria, Steve and our skipper Pedro to make a wonderful team and we fished the boat Faithful Fisher.

Bait was scarce but we managed to buy nice macks both days. I wore my "lucky" 4th Watch shirt and on day we had 5 nice yellowtail with Maria making the most of our last live bait and nailing the biggest yellowtail. Our team had a very enjoyable day on the water and it was nice to make some great new friends.

The water was a little cooler and the dorado had just started to show up so only and handful were landed during the event. I managed to get a small one, as did Sandy, on the second day and we had some huge skipjack and a cabrilla. (I captained the boat and sent Pedro up to the bow pulpit with one of my rods to cast for fish near the shore, in a cove we were trolling... Told him he had to produce before I'd let him have the wheel back, lol... He nailed the cabrilla.)

At the dinner Saturday night, held on the grounds adjacent to the Mission, our team found out that we had placed in the top 5 overall for both days, however roosterfish helped cinch a few of the winners this year. The largest dorado was 21 lbs.

And the best part... Over $20,000 raised to continue the great work helping the town and mission of Loreto. If anyone wants to go next year feel free to contact me for information. It's a very affordable tournament and I know Loreto well.



July 6

Rockfish season has been open for a little over 2 months now and for one reason or another I'd yet to wet a line for them. So today I trusted the weatherman and decided to fish the Queen of Hearts. Well the wind was blowing a bit more than called for and the southerly wind and wave direction made it a a tougher go than most of us expected. I did catch a few rockfish and I released 3 small lingcod. I'll give it another go later this year.

May 8-13

After 20 years of Baja adventures I still hadn't had a chance to fish the Midriff Islands in the upper sea of Cortez... Until now. Thanks to my friend Alecia I decided to try out Baja Sportfishing's vessel "Erik", departing from the town of San Felipe.

On Saturday morning Alecia, Kathy and I unpacked in the largest stateroom aboard which is located directly behind the wheelhouse. Since this was not a full charter we had ample room to spread out our gear. We also had our own A/C unit, head & shower, and plenty of electrical plug in outlets for charging camera batteries, playing radios, etc.

We roamed down to the galley for lunch as Capt. Pin set the ship on a southbound course for the islands. We had calm seas and temperatures in the low 80's. Our first stop would be at the north end of Isla Angel de la Guarda at a place called Roca el Angel.

On Sunday morning as we enjoyed breakfast the pangas were deployed from the rear deck. The coastline was serene and the bird life was amazing. I was constantly reaching for my camera to take nature shots. Alecia and I were given panga #5 and our delightful pangero was Alex. We fished for a few hours and Alecia got the first yellowtail... and the second, and the third... She had a pink MirrOlure that kept getting slammed. It got her four yellows while I wound up with three cabrilla and a few assorted bottomfish that I released.

During lunch we came back to the Erik and they made a move down past Bahia el Pulpito & Punta Rocosa to the south end of the island. We headed back out and fished around Snake Island. We fished until it was just getting dark and the wind had started to pick up. It blew pretty hard for about 8 hours but they managed to anchor us in a good spot overnight.

I awoke early in the morning on Monday to our final approach to Isla San Lorenzo. Today Alecia was the "hot" angler again but I did manage a few fish during our morning outing. For the afternoon we moved to Punta Las Animas and targeted bottomfish. They bit like crazy! Although the yellowtail had been giving me the cold shoulder I was rewarded with a nice sheephead, some triggerfish and lots of spotted bay bass and whitefish. I also caught my first brilliant orange, big eye schneider.

That night we busted out the squid jigs to pull up some humboldt squid for bait. I pulled up two before handing off my Fenwick rod with a Tiburon reel to Alex to use. Tiburon reels make pulling up squids a piece-of-cake. A few of the others set up a monofilament hand line and took turns battling the brutes tug of war style. Alecia brought up four. I went up to the top deck to enjoy a pina colada while I watched the rest of the "squidfest" below.

On Tuesday morning I decided to dig out the Rapala I had been saving. The yellowtail went nuts over it! I pulled in a baker's dozen before I gave my 40# rig a well deserved rest. I tossed a megabait on a boil with my 25# rig and had a larger yellow bust me off. Alecia was still reeling in a few yellowtail so I gaffed a couple for her. We saw lots of rafts of sealions but with so much bait in the area they never bothered us. As a matter of fact we seemed to hook up anytime we came close to a group dozing with their fins raised. I think they were "holding" yellowtail!

We trolled up to Punta el Muerto where we had lunch aboard the Erik and enjoyed our siesta. We stayed anchored in the same place for our afternoon fishing.

I put another yellowtail in the box before we shifted to bottomfish. Alecia had a big strike and we judged it to be a shark by the look of her leader when she brought her line up. I think it visited me too. My fight with the suspected culprit lasted for a minute or two. My line had only a head and part of a shoulder left of a huge spotted bay bass. We put a bunch of assorted bottomfish in the boat before calling it a day.

On Wednesday Alecia needed to do some filming that required her to use the panga so I teamed up with Kathy. She had been fishing with Ruth but Ruth had chose to take a break from fishing. Azore was Kathy's pangero. We headed off to fish for bottomfish and Kathy and I had some very nice spotted bay bass. We came across Alecia and Alex just before lunch and they had found some time to fish. Alecia had a sheephead, some sierra, a few yellowtail and a bunch of bottomfish.

That afternoon Alecia remained aboard to do some film editing so I had a chance to fish with Alex by myself. We trolled near shore looking for cabrilla. I released a few small fish and brought a couple of yellowtail and a large cabrilla back to the boat.

It was fiesta night and as we turned the corner of the final cove we could see the vessel brightly lit up like a cruise ship. Everyone gathered to dine upstairs on the top deck. It was a beautiful calm night. We had carne asada with grilled vegetables and everything was delicious!

Thursday was our last day and we spent the morning on Golden Reef about 18 miles offshore with a light wind coming from the west. As the morning progressed the wind died to a gentle breeze. We were hoping to get some grouper, and a few pangas did. About an hour before we packed it in a huge school of yellowtail boiled and we scrambled to bring up our lines and run over to them. A few people were able to cast into them and hook up. It was incredible just to watch. It was the largest school of yellowtail I have ever seen.

Fish were filleted after lunch as we motored back to San Felipe. We arrived late in the day and started to assemble our gear to debark. The tide was extremely low but we managed to offload with no trouble. I had just enough room in my two ice chests to hold my fish fillets nicely bedded down in crushed ice.

I would recommend fishing the Erik to anyone who enjoys a laid back fishing adventure with lots of scenic views and pristine waters. The crew is very friendly, talented and aim to please.


April 18

I needed a change of scenery and with luck I had a chance to run down to Southern California for an extended weekend. On Sunday my friend Alecia and I drove to Santa Barbara to hop aboard the Wavewalker for some fishing fun. Kevin Reyes rode up with us and Captain Tiffany Vague, her husband Shaun and their daughter Vivy met us at the marina.

Tiffany's dad Captain Dave Bacon had some GPS numbers plugged in for Tiffany to check out so it was a practice run for her while the rest of us got to play. I had faith in this boat and it's crew so I just showed up with my fishing license and a brand new Smitty belt that Alecia had picked up for me. Tiffany brought out an arsenal of brand spanking new Penn/Seeker rod combos that were virgins and rigged up a few with dropper loops. A couple dozen nicely cured live sardines got tossed in the live well and we were ready to shove off.

On calm water under sunny skies we proceeded to hit spot after spot enjoying friendly banter and the occasional company of Pacific whiteside dolphins. My first fish was a salmon grouper which we released. I contemplated looking for a magic marker and writing "devirginized by Baja Bev" on the rod handle... LOL! Next I caught a sand dab which I added to the live well... they make great lingcod bait. I followed that with a frisky mackerel. Alecia and Kevin were getting nice whitefish and Kevin scored a male and female sheephead. Kevin also landed a cool barber pole rockfish that had it's picture taken before being released. A couple of starry rockfish got to return to the sea as did a hard-hitting calico bass that was a joy to fight on that light rod combo.

I had one nice hook set on a bottom dweller but it got caught in the rocks and I couldn't retrieve it. Later at the gas dock I was foiled again by what was most likely a decent halibut when it ran though some discarded junk under the dock. Tiffany has promised me another shot at that fish next time I come back!


April 15

Today it was just Cheryl, Dave and I out fishing. The weather was beautiful but all we managed to catch and release were two salmon grouper.


April 14

Cheryl, Dave, Sam and I launched Alibi II from Santa Cruz and fished for salmon again. The fish were still very deep and not wanting to bite. Sam brought our only keeper in although it was a very nice fish about 16 pounds. I had one shaker that was close to legal size.


April 7

With a little sleep we decided to replay yesterday's tactics and troll the Soquel Hole again off Santa Cruz. I released one shaker and Cheryl brought in our one keeper salmon. The wind had picked up a little more today and made for a tougher troll especially since the fish were still between 150 - 200 feet down. We packed it in around 2pm and gave the boat a well deserved washing.


April 6

Local salmon fishing is back this year and with the weather cooperating enough to give it try, team Alibi II hit the launch ramp in Santa Cruz. Cheryl, Dave, Dennis and I trolled very deep with downriggers. We all got to bring in a nice salmon and Dennis reeled in fish number five for the day. All fish were caught on hootchies except one on bait; an anchovy. They ranged in weight from 8- 16 pounds and most were feeding on krill.


March 1

Cheryl, Dave, Jeff & I took off out of Santa Cruz late this morning for a little over a 3 hour tour. Today was a sea trail for Jeff, not the boat. He tried Scopace for the first time today and managed to hang in there longer than previous attempts. We had no rain, no wind, and a fishable swell.

We hit depths from 150' to 250' to catch 7 sand dabs but we culled kingfish to use later this year for lingcod and halibut baits.

The water was really clear and there was lots of birds working just off the harbor. The swell was dropping but it's getting ready to blow again. Might be worth a look around for halibut after the weather settles again.


February 28

Jerry, Leanna, Steve, Doug and I joined Patrick and Debra on "Peridot"; a beautiful 36' Albin. We left pier 39 in San Francisco bay and headed for the San Pablo bridge as the first bloody Mary's were mixed. Doug had scored us 2 pounds of live grass shrimp and a few trays of herring. The sun was out and everyone was hell bent on having a great time and maybe catching some sturgeon.

We starting on an incoming tide and got hammered by dungeness crab. We kept flicking the little buggars off our lines and trying again. I hooked the first shark of the day. Considering this was my first foray into the new year I was very pleased to get a new species to add to my conquests... Of course my little leopard shark would've looked much cooler if I'd held it "color side out" for the photo before I let it go.

Leanna's awesome sherry cake was laid out for us, followed by Debra's ham with egg salad sandwiches. The beer and wine flowed freely too. During our continuous food feast the outgoing tide stared to kick into high gear and some striped bass made a showing as well as a larger leopard shark that Leanna fought, photographed and released. Doug had a sizeable striped bass on but it escaped just off the stern after rolling to show us just how fat he was! Patrick, Steve and Leanna all managed to catch and release stripers as well.

Just before we called it an afternoon Jerry ducked into the galley and made some tasty stombollies in feta cheese sauce. The food was off the hook all day and all I managed to bring were some weak ass brownies. Somehow I even managed to gain 3 beers when I got home and looked in my cooler, lol!

On the way back in the top deck had fun with the lower deck with a few slalom-style moves which had us sliding back and forth in our deck chairs. I don't think we spilled a drop, ha-ha.

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