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January 24

After my first visit to Lake Mead a couple of years ago I swore I wouldn't return without a fishing rod. So when my sister, Marilyn, and my bro-in-law in training, Bob, gave me a nudge to come visit I went the extra mile and booked a guide. Captain Mark Edison runs private charters through his web site Adventure in Angling and I had a chance to make some inquiries with him via email to get a feel for how he rolls. He was very forthcoming on sharing information and answering my questions.

Marilyn and I booked an afternoon trip and we met up at the Boulder Harbor launch ramp as Mark was bringing his morning group in.

The sun was shining and the lake was calm as we set out in the 2017 Pathfinder 2600 HPS. Mark had this vessel specially built and as someone who has fished off her fair share of boats, I was impressed! We headed off to make live bait and Mark let me maneuver while he threw the cast net. Marilyn helped with the assist on getting the bait out of the net and into the bucket. Mark has several "wells" so he can hold baits of several sizes to prolong their fresh state.

From there we went hunting and on our first drop both Marilyn and I had striped bass hit within seconds of each other! I have been stoking my sister's renewed interest in fishing and Mark was attentive to teaching us the tactics in working the lake. A day on the water with local knowledge is worth it and I soaked up as much as I could for future reference. The bite was not red hot but the lake hadn't turned and it was unseasonably warm still. We wound up keeping 3 stripers and released the others. Mark really impressed me with his experience and friendly attitude. It's no wonder that he's one of the most popular guides on the Lake.

Of course we got to talk about a lot of fishing stories on the salt pond too. I'd also love an opportunity to fish with Mark sometime on saltwater. Who knows? Maybe we'll cross paths down in Baja someday.

January 11

Well who am I to turn down fishing for rockfish in January... At Ano Nuevo to boot! Wouldn't you know, the students participating in the studies at CCFRP needed their trusty volunteer anglers to come out to fish today. Dean got into the program and he made the cut to go too sdo I picked him up on the way to Pillar Point Harbor to board the Huli Cat.

The weather was awesome and the fish were biting. I was up on the bow while Dean fished the stern. He was truly amazing today as he caught 4 yelloweyes. He got a pair of tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for that cool trick too.

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