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From Scott Leysath, a.k.a. “The Sporting Chef”, author of the cookbook The Sporting Chef’s Favorite Wild Game Recipes:

The Lady and the Lingcod by ‘Bajabev’ Seltzer is my reference guide for how to cook Pacific Ocean creatures. She demystifies and simplifies the preparation of a variety of fish. With just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes in the kitchen, Bajabev will transform your freshly caught fish into something very special. It’s rare to encounter that special person who not only knows how to catch them, but really understands what it takes to make them taste fantastic. She knows that if you waste too much time in the kitchen, you’re missing out on the fishing!”

From Ray Rychnovsky, author of several sportfishing books published by Frank Amato publications :

“Beverly Seltzer’s book, The Lady and the Lingcod, is a cookbook, but it is a lot more. Her sense of humor makes it fun to read and her adventures and misadventures including being on an 80 foot boat that sunk in the ocean miles from land. If you catch a lot of ocean fish and are looking for new recipes, this book does that, but don’t pass up the adventures part — that was the best part for me.”

From Jim Martin, staff of the Anderson Valley Advertiser (local newspaper):

“... wonderful seafood recipes compiled in Beverly Seltzer’s new book, The Lady and the Lingcod; How To Cook The Ones That Didn’t Get Away. “Bajabev”, as she is known on Internet sportfishing boards, is a retired commercial fisherman and an active sportfisher who lives in Los Gatos. The cover photo has Bev with what has got to be a 30 pound lingcod.

“Seltzer discusses her wide experiences in different commercial fisheries, interspersed with unusual recipes such as ‘Coconut and Lime Lingcod’, ‘Salmon with Mango Salsa,’ and ‘Broiled Wahoo with Orange Basil Butter.’ She offers advice on what commercial fisheries are sustainable — and which species to avoid. Although she offers a few fishing tips, with lots of pictures from Bev’s commercial and sportfishing adventures, the cookbook is aimed at non-fishers and fishers alike. The recipes are real keepers, too. I hadn’t seen most of them before, and the combinations — like using fruit or even blackberry preserves with fish — look mouth-watering. Plus, she tells great fishing tales with her good sense of humor. This book will [accompany] you by the fireside on these stormy evenings, and you’ll get new ideas about cooking seafood. If you like to fish, cook fish, or eat fish, I’d recommend picking up a copy of The Lady and the Lingcod.”

From Vince Shriver of Buellton, California, one of the first 100 people to buy the book:

“Hi Bev. I met you at the Ventura [Fred Hall] Show and bought your book. I just want you to know that I love it – as a matter of fact I’m going to get three more copies to give to my son and a couple friends. The main thing I like is its simplicity; if you ever tried to cook something from The Joy Of Cooking and if you are culinary-challenged as I am, you can really appreciate a nice straight-forward recipe book in which you don’t have to jump all over from one section to the other. Also, your little stories are short and entertaining. Very cool. All the best, and hope your sales soar. Vince Shriver, aka ‘vj’.”
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